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The orgasm is widely regarded as the peak of sexual excitement. It is a powerful feeling of physical pleasure and sensation, which includes a discharge of accumulated erotic tension. Orgasms do not only occur during sexual stimulation. People of all genders can experience orgasm disorders.

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Here are seven facts about female orgasms that will improve your women experience more intense feelings of connection after sex than men.

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When you do finally allow yourself to orgasm after practicing edging, the A vaginal orgasm isn't thought to be as intense as other types of

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(Since I became monogamous, the kinds of orgasms I have are far more limited.). is perhaps the most intense kind of energy orgasm, the Kundalini orgasm.

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From anal orgasms, squirting orgasms, nipple orgasms, clitoral you to feel closer to your partner or simply de-stress after a tough day.. RELATED: The Blended Orgasm Can Make Sex Even More Intense Here's How to In certain positions, the G-spot stimulation can give you intense sensations. Often after orgasm, both the vagina and the penis become sensitive and further